Goats – Meet the Herd

Meet and learn all our lovely ladies by name.  Some of the girls are being camera shy and we will post more soon.


DaisyIMG_20150125_114530_267IMG_20150125_114453_982GoatsIMG_20150125_114011_445My beautiful picture


Our lead goat Daisy is a daughter of Leslie’s first goat, Buttercup.  She is mostly Saanen with a bit Nubian but with her broad horizontal, “airplane” ears and beard she is looks very Saanen.  When Daisy was 18 monthes she broke her leg and the vet said she was unlikely to make it.  Jordyn and Todd built Daisy a splint out of copper tubing and everyone nursed her back to health.  Now she is leader of the herd.


IMG_20150125_114543_600IMG_20150125_113822_541IMG_20140904_190935_559IMG_20150125_114126_148My beautiful picture

SWEET PEA – Aka, WingNut

Sweet Pea is Buttercup’s grandaughter and Daisy’s niece.  She is a spunky little flyer and the only one Daisy will let join her at the feeder.  Half Sannen and half Nubian makes her a “saanub” with extra large airplane ears.  For some reason it reminds me of Snoopy.


 ????? Spots 2015My beautiful picture


Spots is daughter of Maggie one of our original goats.  She had her first kid in 2014 and is expecting in February 2015.


Valentine on her first day at farm in 2012.  She had to adjust the MS cool nights.
Valentine on her first day at farm in 2012. She had to adjust the MS cool nights.

My beautiful picture My beautiful picture


Born on February 14, Valentine is a total human loving goat.  She loves to be pet and adores kisses.  In fact she will not get down from the station until you give her a kiss first.


2013-03-29_16-37-31_345IMG_20140904_190656_425 IMG_20140904_190753_597


Juliet is Valentine’s daughter from 2013.  Juliet is also extremely loving and a sweet doe.


IMG_20150125_115007_252 IMG_20140904_191357_141Bobbin snoozingMy beautiful pictureMy beautiful pictureMy beautiful pictureMy beautiful picture


Bobbin is a silly goat who is anything but graceful when she runs.  She has bizarre quarks which are so entertaining.  Her best friend is Roadie; the two goats do everything together and will cry if separated.  The dark marking on Bobbin’s lip was passed down to her grandaughter, Melba.  Bobbin, like Valentine, is a big snorer.  Good thing they are dairy goats and live a well protected life.  She can snore really loud.


IMG_20140904_190638_759My beautiful pictureMy beautiful pictureMy beautiful pictureMy beautiful pictureMy beautiful picture


Roadie is our most calm and mild tempered of all the goats.  Her voice is a low moan rather than the annoying high bleating of her buddy Bobbin.  Roadie doesn’t really have to yell out because Bobbin is always there to do it for her.


My beautiful pictureIMG_20150125_114251_606My beautiful picture


Shadow is Roadie’s daughter from 2014 kidding.  Shadow was the baby of the herd until just recently when the new ones arrived in January 2015.


IMG_20150125_113635_069 IMG_20140904_191236_930IMG_20140904_191121_614IMG_20150101_134630_445 (2)


Coral is one of 3 almost identical does we received from dear friends from the south.  When I went to pick up the girls I had to sit and learn each their names because the differences are subtle.  Now that I know them all personally they are each very unique.  Coral has an all brown forehead.


IMG_20150125_113732_582IMG_20150101_134903_221My beautiful picture

TINK – Short for Tinkerbell

Tink is another of the “Triplets” as we like to call them.  She has the same Nubian characteristic except she is the most fine and graceful.  She also has a big white tuft of hair on her forehead and red coat that distinguishes her from the others.  Tink is the daughter of Bobbin.


Glinda (2)



Glinda is another of the “Triplets”. She has the same Nubian characteristics like the others but she has a subtle gray in her coat.  She also has a white tuft of hair on her forehead but it is smaller than Tink’s tuft.

 Newest members…2015 Kids

IMG_20150125_115039_835 Kid 2015 Kid 2015-Doeling Glinda

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