Bear Wallow Herb Walk

A wildly heatlthy herb class offered by Cara Saunders at Bear Wallow Herbs of Mt. Shasta.  Cara’s deep connection and down to Earth approach to creating her medicines taught us all the value of these plants and how to use them.   The class was filled with hands-on identifying, connecting, wildcrafting, and creating medicine fromContinue reading “Bear Wallow Herb Walk”

Al Pastor Evening in the Garden

With a dappled light on the garden and the sun’s spotlight on the pasture of goats, the Maagic Mountain Farm’s “Al Pastor” dinner began as guests arrived and enjoyed the land that would offer their evening meal. The event opened with a prayer and offering of bee pollen on the tongue while local musician, GentleContinue reading “Al Pastor Evening in the Garden”

Maagical Solstice: A Member’s Experience

By farm family member, Ashley Hirsh I grew up in a conventional American household in Las Vegas, Nevada. The nutrition of my youth was S.A.D. (Standard American Diet.) Meals came out of boxes or cans and our idea of a refreshing beverage was an ice cold Pepsi. When I left home and began my journeyContinue reading “Maagical Solstice: A Member’s Experience”

Maagic Mountain Farm…a lot can happen in 3 years

August 10, 2012 we closed escrow on this homestead property.  The house was a striped foreclosure and without a toilet (just a hole), no bathroom floor, no light fixtures, beer cans littered around the house and very dirty.  One wall in the kitchen was used as a dartboard.  Outside, the yard was completely unkept forContinue reading “Maagic Mountain Farm…a lot can happen in 3 years”