Homestead Chicken Butcher Class

Come learn the basic skills our grandparents knew to make their winter chicken bone broth. Learn how to butcher a chicken and take home a chicken for your pot with recipe to make real bone broth impossible to make with store bought birds.

Not only is this an important skill for chicken owners, it is an opportunity to understand real food like the food of our ancestors.

Saturday, December 28 at 10:30am at Maagic Mountain Farm in Mount Shasta, California.  It is expected to be a sunny day.  The class is $40 and includes 2 chickens. For all class participants all additional birds are $10.

If you like the idea but don’t want the experience, birds are available for purchase with recipe for $20.

chicken broth

These chickens will be 3 years old in February.  Unlike 6 week old commercial hens, these birds have built up strong bones and connective tissues, gelatin, and fat soluble minerals that develop with age and walking. The meat on these birds is tough, lean muscle but surrounded by healthy fats loaded with fat soluble minerals.  This is the real homemade chicken soup, like grandma used to make. This broth becomes solid in the fridge. No wonder farm elders were so strong and live so long.

Reserve your birds or signup for class below:

Homestead Chicken Butcher Class

Saturday, December 28 10:30 am at Maagic Mountain Farm, Mt. Shasta, CA Full directions upon registration


Stewing Hen

Homestead Stewing Hens Raised 3 years on organic chicken feed, forage, and large quantities of fresh produce. Whole dressed birds for stewing best chicken broth.