Traveling Ducks

Oh Yes, our ducks a crazy group of travelers. Every day they make a trip around the street block. The walk in a line and entertain most of our neighbors. Others find it scary for these creatures to be on the loose for fear or their harm or harm to humans.

Most recently we reinforced the fences so that they can no longer escape. Now they travel around the yard and pasture instead of hitting the streets.


Welcome “Sunshine”

Just born this week is our latest addition, Sunshine.  Born Thursday,  September 4 out in the pasture.  She was delivered by a new freshling, Thursday.  Yes Thursday delivered Sunshine on Thursday.  Sunshine is part SaanNubian and Nigerian (small breed milk goat).  Since this was Thursday’s first birth I wanted the babies to be small.  Well Sunshine is strong and looks just like her mother and cousin Sweet Pea.

Sunshine at 24 hrs
Sunshine at 24 hrs