A Taste of the Land

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Join us June 15, 2018

Al Pastor means in the style of the shepherd and this is an evening of food inspired by pastoral cuisine. Let your imagination ruminate over shish kabob on alder charcoal, fresh goats cheeses, braised wild greens and slow cooked dishes of earthenware pottery. This menu melds sister cuisines from herd-tending cultures of Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Hungary and Spain’s Basque Region. The courses are also meant to reflect the deliciousness of the foods grown on Maagic Mountain Farm. The meat will be hand butchered goat, raised with care on mother’s milk and wild green pasture and to the ideal age for sweet and light flavor. This will be goat as you have only tasted if you have been a shepherd. The cheeses and other dairy products are prepared with love by hand on the farm. Honey from the farm hive, vinegar from last seasons apple, wild greens from the pastures and on and on! Come indulge your senses in the fruits of Mount Shasta and our mutual appreciation of this land.

About the Creator & Chef JT Beggs


Raised around tide pools and campfires, JT Beggs brings a hunger for adventure to the kitchen. Heir to culinary traditions of mother and grandmother cooks and connoisseurs skilled at sharing love through food, He specializes in old world cuisine for modern appetites. JT is a naturalist, chef, and educator who spends his winters shepherding within the Navajo Nation, Black Mesa dziłizhin, Diné Bikeyah. He has spent countless hours raising and tending sheep, shepherding, butchering and cooking with their delicious gifts. JT and his sister are private chefs, caterers, and foragers with their business Kin and Kitchen based out of Santa Cruz Ca and the Bay Area. JT has traveled extensively to sit by the hearths of village people and hone the craft of cooking and preparing food. Learning on places ranging from the island of Crete to the Yucatan peninsula. His food and his foraging classes have been featured at numerous nature-based educational centers such as the Riekes Center for Human Enhancement, Headwaters Outdoor School, the Oak Granary, Quail Springs Permaculture and JT has been featured in Edible Magazines in Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara. A fascination with culinary and natural history is woven into the feasts and workshops he puts on, offering guests a sense of community and connection to the natural world.



The planned menu is subject to change based on the luscious offerings of the land in early June.  JT will weave a maagical culinary experience.




Reserve your ticket to join us Friday, June 15th at 6:30pm for this special 12 person served dinner in the garden. 

Reserve your seat at the table
$80 per person


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Al Pastor at Maagic Mountain Farm

Reserve your seat at the table