About the Maagic

Hi, I’m Leslie and this is my son, Kyle. I am owner and founder of Maagic Mountain Farm, a 5 1/2 acres sustainable homestead with dairy goats, chickens, ducks, honeybees, garden and wild land. As a former Farmers Market Manager and co-founder and coordinator of the Local Grub Club, a community food club in Mount Shasta, I have been dedicated to local food for over 15 years. Living my joy, I’ve owned and milked goats for over 10 years. Together with all the animals and the support of the community, this is a thriving, self-sustaining homestead.

This passion to homestead evolved from my son’s food allergies. Everything I was feeding him made him sick, so I began to create our own food. 15 years later my son is allergy free and my work is my pleasure I share with you.

What People Say

“The experience of the farm is an inspiration to anyone contemplating getting out of the rat race and into a community of small farmers. If this sounds like you, go visit Leslie and her goats!”

Oakland, CA

“Leslie and the sustainable, down-to-earth farm life she is sharing with local community and visitors is exactly needed. Her warmth and wisdom brought me “home” immediately.”


“Leslie’s beautiful family homestead is a quiet and cozy sanctuary just outside of town. We are better humans because of the time we spent there and the friends we made. Definitely recommend!”

Ypsilanti, MI

Let’s build something together.

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