Farm Philosophy

♥ Maagic Mountain Farm ♥

The Soil, Air, Water & Sun make it all possible!

The Plants & Pasture maintain the balance of the base above. They also provide the food and medicine for all the other creatures on the farm.

The Bees, Bugs, Worms and & Fungi do the majority of the work: fertilizing, tilling, activating nutrients and pollinating. (Good thing they come in large numbers)

The Animals do the farm chores together:

  • Chickens & Turkeys compost our kitchen waste and fertilize the land.  They also do a lot of damage scratching up the land so they have a mobile Coop built of a recycled camper trailer.
  • Ducks & ducklings are caretakers of the waterways and offer pest control.  They eat back the sides of the creek bank and eat over-abundant bug life.
  • Goats are the center of this Maaagical farm.  They offer landscaping, tree trimming, weed control,  manure, soap and lotion making materials, family dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, kefir and more for all the other animals) and ohhhhh so much family entertainment and love.
  • Dog (Abel) is in charge of farm security.  He can sometimes be found sleeping on the job but always ready to take the hit of a skunk’s spray to save the hens or ducklings.  He even babysits kids.
  • Cat (Misty) is on rodent patrol.  She protects the animal grain and roots out moles.  She is our amazing huntress of the night.
  • Humans (Leslie,  Kyle and sometimes Jordyn, our Vet Assistant) pay the bills and make sure everyone is always fed and playing friendly together.  The humans like to think they are in-charge or are setting the plan, but we all know natural cycles and rhythms are really leading each day.

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