Sacred Gardening

Join us Sunday, June 16, 2019,


Sacred Gardening

with Marianne Brettell-Vaughn 

Gardening is a sacred act, a co-creative adventure expressing the love between Humans and Nature. Whether you plant a few flowers in a pot on a balcony or enough food to feed the family, it’s all the same. The call goes out to the Nature Realms and the dance begins! What I share in this class are ways to embody the highest integrity as we plant and tend our gardens. Love in action is what is called for now in these times of change on the Planet; love as we nourish the soil, plant our seeds,tend our plants, connect with the unseen garden helpers such as the devas and faeries, plant with the pollinators in mind, harvest our produce, and find peaceful organic solutions as we interface with the insects and other forms of life in the garden. When we work together in love, our gardens become beautiful beacons of light that not only nourish us, but nourish the entire Planet as well!

This is an interactive class where we can share our ideas on how to create harmony in our gardens. In Sacred Gardening the love begins with us!

Meet the Author/Speaker:

Marianne Brettell-Vaughn

Marianne is a lover of nature,spending many hours in her garden and in the beautiful mountains above her home. Through her co-creative adventures with the Nature Realms, both seen and unseen, particularly in the garden,she has been led to teach others how they too can create love in their gardens, which then expands into love for the world!  This path of Sacred Gardening is really the path of the heart, where we and our gardens become beautiful beacons of light, love and unity and this touches everything! Marianne share’s these teachings and more in her book,”Over The Rainbow” and she’s working on a 2nd book, “Earth Harmony.”  She travels the west sharing her passion for Nature through gardening and her favorite part are all the wonderful folks she gets to meet along the way!!!

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Sacred Gardening Class

Sacred Gardening Class with Marianne Brettel-Vaughn, author of Over the Rainbow a Gardener’s Guide to Creating Light Filled Gardens. This is an interactive class where we can share our ideas on how to create harmony in our gardens. In Sacred gardening the love begins with us!