Mini-Farm Coaching and Training

Every homestead begins with an idea

Now lets make it real

Ready to start producing your own food?

Coaching available via teleconference or in-person to assist you in start-up, improvements or expansion of your homestead. A small investment to save you time, money and farm spirit.

Farming is fun with simple homestead experience and solutions.


  • Get started with chicken and or ducks
  • Alternative feed & supplies
  • Facility improvements
  • Egg handling and chicken butcher
  • Stop birds from eating eggs
  • and other egg-cellent solutions


  • Get your goats and how to begin
  • Feed and supply alternatives
  • Facility improvements and social dynamics
  • Milking, product handling, and storage
  • Dairy processing: Yogurt, Kefir & Cheese
  • Homestead uses for milk
  • Kidding and baby management
  • Using goats for landscaping
  • And all your maaa-any questions

Garden Beds

  • Getting started growing and small scale gardening
  • Ripping up your lawn and creating a garden space
  • Perennial vs annual planting and honoring weeds
  • Creating a community/shared garden at your home

Bee Hives

  • Getting start with bees
  • Basic supplies, techniques and approaches
  • Extracting and using honey and wax
  • Basic mead making

Maagic Mountain Farm was such a wonderful experience for each one of us.  We feel like we walked away with a wealth of information and experience….My husband and I felt like we could ask questions freely…

As soon to be new goat owners this was one of the best field trips we could have ever booked!  Thank you!  

-Sandra and family, Shasta County

Let’s make something beautiful together.