Kids get big so fast!

Kid 2015-Doeling Glinda

On February 9 & 10th the two sets of twins will be one month old already.  They are all over the place cruising the farm as the choose.  Kids can get through all the farm fencing and roam as they choose.  Last week they were hanging out in the tree and leaping on logs.  The big girls go crazy jealous watching the kids roam free-range.  One might wonder if I worry about them running away, but there is nothing to fear.  These kids don’t stray far from mom and no goat likes to leave the presence of the herd…unless of course they are birthing.

IMG_20150125_114905_743 (2) IMG_20150125_114951_645 IMG_20150125_114650_876 Fun in the sun!

2 thoughts on “Kids get big so fast!

  1. I am so proud of you and living out your dream! Where’s the truffles? Love to you all, Joanne Collens

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