Birth Under the Apple Tree

This morning I was honored with an amazing opportunity.  While milking and looking out on to the pasture, out under the tree, our first-time mother, Shadow, gave birth.  The labor started while washing goat #1 and I watched her: up and down, pawing the ground building a nest, up and down, and around, yawn, yawn (opening), and then between goat #6 and #7 the new baby was born right under the apple tree in the dappled light.  It was really an amazing way to start the day!

After I finished and cleaned up dishes I went out and took these photos.  So 45 minutes-1 hour after birth.  A healthy little buckling, brown and grey spots.  Super cute!
Today’s milk is going to our fellow farm share member who just happens to be our village midwife.  The timing of this blessed milk was perfect to be ready for Sally’s pouring day.  I believe that our milk is alive and picks up on all the energies from the land, goats and at milking time. This milk is most especially alive!!!!  Sally, enjoy the life force.

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