Kefir & Cheesemaker is coming back!!!


David Asher, author of new book, “The Art of Natural Cheesemaking” is coming back to  Mt. Shasta to teach two classes.  Kid Creek Pastures and Maagic Mountain Farm are co-hosting this event and herdshare members have first priority for limited seating on the farmstead in Kid Creek Pastures’ kitchen.  Sign up by Dec. 10 for best pricing.

To sign up and early bird special go to

Why should you attend?  To be honest, these classes are amazing and teach about the value and EASY & SIMPLE possibilities for using your milk. His book and 3 days of classes last May rocked my world and I highly recommend it.

I make kefir and yogurt almost every week and I am still excited to retake this basic class because I know I will understand his knowledge at an even deeper level.   His classes are simple to understand, interactive and fun.

When: Wednesday, December 30th. 9:30 AM (1st class) and 1PM (2nd class). Potluck lunch in between.

Where: Shawna Barr’s home kitchen at Kid Creek Pastures.

Class #1: Fermented Dairy: Cultured Butter, Yogurt and Kefir. Fermented dairy products of all sorts are the focus of  this introductory class.  Participants will learn all about kefir culture, and how it can be used as a starter to make yogurt, creme fraiche and cultured butter.  9:30AM-12:00PM. Class size limited to 25 participants. Earlybird registration: $20. After December 10th, $25 

Class #2: Introduction to Rennet Cheesemaking. An introductory course that looks into the making of  basic rennet cheese curd, the foundational recipe from which nearly every type of rennet cheese evolves, including Camembert, which will be explored in detail. Kefir, a multifaceted probiotic and cheesemaking starter culture, will also be covered. 1PM-4PM. Class size limited to 12 participants. Earlybird Registration $40. After Dec 10th $45

A minimum number of registrations is needed to make the class viable. Your early registration is appreciated. 

To sign up and early bird special go to

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