Bear Wallow Herb Walk

A wildly heatlthy herb class offered by Cara Saunders at Bear Wallow Herbs of Mt. Shasta.  Cara’s deep connection and down to Earth approach to creating her medicines taught us all the value of these plants and how to use them.   The class was filled with hands-on identifying, connecting, wildcrafting, and creating medicine fromContinue reading “Bear Wallow Herb Walk”

Whey Easy Bread Class (And Recipe!)

by Farm Member, Ashley Hirsh Recently, a few farm members had the pleasure of experiencing a bread making class with Leslie at Maagic Mountain Farm. At the beginning of class Leslie assured us we were up to the task because she doesn’t “do anything that isn’t easy!” But since she runs a five acre organicContinue reading “Whey Easy Bread Class (And Recipe!)”

Gentle Yoga on the Farm

When life feels too big to handle, go outside. Everything looks smaller when you’re standing under the sky. L.R. Knost Deborah Franzini leads this gentle Yoga class tuning us into our inner world in the presence of all the natural sights, sounds, smells and vibrations of the outside world on the farm.  Rain, shine, andContinue reading “Gentle Yoga on the Farm”

Herb Walk on the Land

Sherry Ackerman offered a basic edible and herb walk on the land and in the pasture. Big takeaway fo me…More edibles per square inch grow on less naturally healthy and disturbed land rather than in nature.  Those weeds we can’t seem to get rid of in the garden are often edible treats or even gourmetContinue reading “Herb Walk on the Land”

Kefir & Cheesemaker is coming back!!!

David Asher, author of new book, “The Art of Natural Cheesemaking” is coming back to  Mt. Shasta to teach two classes.  Kid Creek Pastures and Maagic Mountain Farm are co-hosting this event and herdshare members have first priority for limited seating on the farmstead in Kid Creek Pastures’ kitchen.  Sign up by Dec. 10 for bestContinue reading “Kefir & Cheesemaker is coming back!!!”