February brings 1st Births of 2016

Daisy, the lead goat, was first to deliver on Saturday afternoon of February 20 and adds 1 doeling and 1 buckling to the herd. Congratulations Daisy!

20160222_203749 (1)

Then Sunday, February 28 Coral delivered 3 uniquely colored little buckings.  The came out small, medium and large in that order and sizing.  Congratulations Coral!


Next up:  Valentine as soon as next week!  Pearl  & Glinda end of March, Spots early April, and the life keeps coming!

2 thoughts on “February brings 1st Births of 2016

  1. What a delightful farm! I’m not sure which I like best – the goats, or the chickens. My dad never
    had goats, only cows, and not as a ranch, only for food. He could buy a male day-old calf for $1.00
    and feed it until old enough to have it prepared. The little chicks were so precious. Makes me
    homesick. I know it must be a lot of work – but I’ll bet when you go to bed at night your soul is
    satisfied. I am in awe of the two of you accomplishing this. Maybe someday I CAN come visit.
    Thank you for the tour. Aunt Lou

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