Golden Eagle Charter School Visits

Golden Eagle Charter School came out a couple times this year offering grades K-5th an opportunity to learn how family scale food production is done.  They learned how all the animals have their jobs on the farm:

Goats – Landscapes, weed eradicators, providers of meat and milk and lots of fun

Chickens – Compost turners, waste and bug eaters, egg and meat providers

Ducks – Waterway cleaners, bug eaters, and egg providers

Dogs – Farm security and doorbell service

Cat – Rodent control and feed protection patrol

Bees – Pollinators and honey producers

Microbes and other unseen creatures – Work their magic to turn waste to black gold

Humans – Pay the bills, feed and water where necessary, and keep everyone happy

Everyone feeds each other here…One creature’s waste is another’s food and we just keep feeding each other!

“Milking is fun!”

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