Girl Scouts Name Clover

The Girl Scouts came out and we had a great time playing on the farm.  The girls toured everything from the compost to the beehives to the milkstall.The girls tried hand milking and held baby goats.


They enjoyed spending time in the field brushing them and playing.  They asked many questions and had a great time checking everything out.  After a good handwashing, we tasted many of the farm food produced by the animals.


At the end of their visit, they came to me with a suggestion…

“We think you should name this baby goat Clover.”  They continued to explain back to me what they had learned, “Her mom is Daisy, her aunt is Sweet Pea, Grandma is Buttercup…We think her name should be Clover!”


And so it is…Daisy’s doeling is named Clover!

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