The Bees Swarm

Monday afternoon the bees called me from the garden.  I went over to find a huge swarm in the air circling all around.  The sound was intoxicating.  I ran back to the house and got the camera and recorded this video. TURN UP YOUR SOUND!!!



After about 30 minutes, they settled down in our tree and stayed there the night.  We tried to lure them into a fresh bee box with a full tray of honey and some lemongrass oil because it was difficult to capture.  It hung high in a tree above a web of branches.  The swarm bate did not work and they took flight the next day just before the thunderstorm.  Again they called me to them with their buzz.  I chased them out into the pasture but I lost them in the forest.  I trust they found good cover before the rain.  They are so smart.


We still have the other half of the bees in the original hive but now hopefully they have replaced their queen and made more room for more bee babies.  We almost had two hives and then only half as many bees, but we gained so much learning in the process.

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