2020 Garden Group

Growing Together Giving thanks for our 3rd year of committed gardeners working together to vision and create our Maagic garden. After working throughout the winter, our 2020 Spring garden is already started and growing. We encourage everyone to plant at home and share work and harvest with their neighbors. A farm grows more than plantsContinue reading “2020 Garden Group”

Honoring the Dying Time

Life and death are intertwined on the farm. Regularly I witness the natural miracle of birth and death over and over again. A duckling emerges from its shell and is killed in 2 days. The garden grows and is killed by frost in a night and seasonally the entire landscape appears to die in theContinue reading “Honoring the Dying Time”

Summer Beauty

May, June, July and now August have been so full and spectacular. There are at least 5 posts missing from the blog that will come as soon as the growth slows, offerng more time for writing. In the meantime, I wanted to post some summer beauty. More to come soon… See the bee kissing theContinue reading “Summer Beauty”

Hospice FundRaiser Dinner

This summer nine people from north and south county came together to share a meal on the farm auctioned off for the annual Mercy Mount Shasta Hospice Event. The meal was served in sight of the flowing pasture, which was the primary offering on the table. The menu not only included raw garden “weeds” butContinue reading “Hospice FundRaiser Dinner”

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