Hospice FundRaiser Dinner

This summer nine people from north and south county came together to share a meal on the farm auctioned off for the annual Mercy Mount Shasta Hospice Event.

The meal was served in sight of the flowing pasture, which was the primary offering on the table. The menu not only included raw garden “weeds” but also naturally processed perennial grasses in the form of meat, cheese, yogurt, eggs, and tea.

Using traditional Turkish techniques and recipes, chef, JT Beggs of Kin & Kitchen, visiting from New Mexico crafted a beautiful 4 course meal. Authentic touches like outdoor fire-pit roasted flat bread and chevron meat offered a special touch.

Huge gratitude for the visiting chef’s donation of time and craft to gift our local hospice program. The dinner was a great success and I don’t know if we will be able to top this donation. This next year the farm will offer a 2 night farm stay experience to the Mercy Mount Shasta Hospice Auction.

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