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Equinox Balance

Yin & Yang  duck eggs are back signaling Spring!  Check out the Yin and Yang eggs from years past…

image (1)

Every year at least one of our ducks begins laying one black egg and then then get lighter each day.  Yeah, duck eggs are back!


This year I found their nest in the goat stall.  Before I found the nest, I couldn’t figure out why they wanted to sleep with the goats.  First I thought they were being stalked by a predator and felt safer near the goat stall.  Now I know the real reason. I placed a couple eggs in their real nest and now they are laying in the right place.

Happy Equinox Balance of the Light & Dark


Yin & Yang Duck style!

Ducks are laying again.  Attached is a photo of the first 2 eggs they laid this week.  One black and one white. Really, I did not color the egg; it came out just like this.  I did color the background.  Farm life always offers little lessons of balance and spirit.

Remember Duck egg yokes can be many colors including: Orange, yellow, brown and green.  All are healthy and good!

You know a bad egg when you have one because it stinks!

Quack-Quack…Duck Eggs

Spring is here and the ducks are laying.  Fresh duck eggs available to members for trial by the each at 2 for $1.  They can be used just like chicken eggs.  They are more nutrient dense and bigger.  Duck eggs are often preferred over chicken eggs by bakers.  Check out some recipes and thoughts on duck eggs from Paleo Leap at


The ducks are also doing a great job cruising our property.  They now venture all the way to the back pasture and eat from the grass as well as the spring in the far back.  They roam like the goats all day, but come when we call, “Quack, Quack, Quack” because this is the sound we make when we feed them grain or bread.  It is totally cute to see all 10 ducks waddling up in a line all the way from the back pasture.  Gotta love the roaming duck troop offering a farm smile each day on their daily trek.

Traveling Ducks

Oh Yes, our ducks a crazy group of travelers. Every day they make a trip around the street block. The walk in a line and entertain most of our neighbors. Others find it scary for these creatures to be on the loose for fear or their harm or harm to humans.

Most recently we reinforced the fences so that they can no longer escape. Now they travel around the yard and pasture instead of hitting the streets.