Girl Scouts Name Clover

The Girl Scouts came out and we had a great time playing on the farm.  The girls toured everything from the compost to the beehives to the milkstall.The girls tried hand milking and held baby goats. They enjoyed spending time in the field brushing them and playing.  They asked many questions and had a greatContinue reading “Girl Scouts Name Clover”

Golden Eagle Charter School Visits

Golden Eagle Charter School came out a couple times this year offering grades K-5th an opportunity to learn how family scale food production is done.  They learned how all the animals have their jobs on the farm: Goats – Landscapes, weed eradicators, providers of meat and milk and lots of fun Chickens – Compost turners,Continue reading “Golden Eagle Charter School Visits”

Herb Walk on the Land

Sherry Ackerman offered a basic edible and herb walk on the land and in the pasture. Big takeaway fo me…More edibles per square inch grow on less naturally healthy and disturbed land rather than in nature.  Those weeds we can’t seem to get rid of in the garden are often edible treats or even gourmetContinue reading “Herb Walk on the Land”