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Garden Group Gratitudes

In 2018 the Garden Group took on a bit more structure when past members of the old Land Trust Garden committed themselves to our maagic garden space.  Other members also joined in and we did it together!

img_1273.jpgThe age range of committed gardeners was 0-80+.  Each of us offering different skills and gardening pleasures, but we all share a common love of the earth, plants, food and microbes. img_0128

Martha’s daughter, Carrie, is our garden cheerleader and photographer.

Gratitude to all for the community gardening experience.

With all we learned and our continued commitment, 2019 is sure to be Vegi-lious year!

Bear Wallow Herb Walk

IMG_0071A wildly heatlthy herb class offered by Cara Saunders at Bear Wallow Herbs of Mt. Shasta.  Cara’s deep connection and down to Earth approach to creating her medicines taught us all the value of these plants and how to use them.


The class was filled with hands-on identifying, connecting, wildcrafting, and creating medicine from our yards and natural landscapes.  Thank you Cara for sharing your wisdom.


Learn more about Bear Wallow Herbs at:

Contact Cara at or 530.925.5829


Winter Greens?

Todd is finishing up the mini high tunnel greenhouse he built right over the tomatoes and basil.  It is our first attempt at extended/winter gardening and we are excited to learn.

The space is so beautiful, I look forward to having a solarium in the winter, the extended growing season just feels like a bonus.


If all works out, we will offer fresh salad greens in the fridge when available.  Lots of tomatoes still coming on and even flowers fertilized this week by the bees looking for a warm place to hang out.

IMG_1947The sides easily roll-up to 4 and 6-foot levels to provide lots of air when it is warm.  Already the lettuce in the greenhouse is twice as big as outside.

To keep it extra warm we will add row covers on super cold nights. It is lovely inside when the sun is out and a symphony plays when it rains.