A Goat is Born


I went to go check on Shahar, who just birthed a huge boy far out in the pasture. I heard a grunt and looked to my left and this is what I saw…

Thanks Violet for showing us all how it is done; a goat demonstration of natural kid-birth. In the end, Violet birthed 2 spotted bucklings.

A total of 11 goats were birthed on the farm in past 7 days. Along with the 50 chicks arriving last week, I would have to say spring is on!!!!

Happy Spring from Maagic Mountain Farm

3 thoughts on “A Goat is Born

  1. What a lovely miracle to view and feel a part of the farm in some way while not being able to visit.
    Wow, those goat mama’s are amazing! No hubby to swab their head or back rub like I had when birthing my 4 sons!

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