Homestead Butcher Class

Wednesday, June 13,  5:30-8:30 In this class, we remember that to eat is to take life. The class is an introduction into butchery in a way that teaches of the deliciousness, respect and celebration that is created through an honest relationship with our food.  Learn more at Homestead Butcher Class…

Maagical Solstice: A Member’s Experience

By farm family member, Ashley Hirsh I grew up in a conventional American household in Las Vegas, Nevada. The nutrition of my youth was S.A.D. (Standard American Diet.) Meals came out of boxes or cans and our idea of a refreshing beverage was an ice cold Pepsi. When I left home and began my journeyContinue reading “Maagical Solstice: A Member’s Experience”

Maagic Mountain Farm…a lot can happen in 3 years

August 10, 2012 we closed escrow on this homestead property.  The house was a striped foreclosure and without a toilet (just a hole), no bathroom floor, no light fixtures, beer cans littered around the house and very dirty.  One wall in the kitchen was used as a dartboard.  Outside, the yard was completely unkept forContinue reading “Maagic Mountain Farm…a lot can happen in 3 years”

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