Maagic Mountain Farm…a lot can happen in 3 years

August 10, 2012 we closed escrow on this homestead property.  The house was a striped foreclosure and without a toilet (just a hole), no bathroom floor, no light fixtures, beer cans littered around the house and very dirty.  One wall in the kitchen was used as a dartboard.  Outside, the yard was completely unkept forContinue reading “Maagic Mountain Farm…a lot can happen in 3 years”

Birth Under the Apple Tree

This morning I was honored with an amazing opportunity.  While milking and looking out on to the pasture, out under the tree, our first-time mother, Shadow, gave birth.  The labor started while washing goat #1 and I watched her: up and down, pawing the ground building a nest, up and down, and around, yawn, yawn (opening), and thenContinue reading “Birth Under the Apple Tree”

2015 Spring Birthing Season is Complete

Valentine delivered 2 healthy kids on March 26th.  The doeling and bucking are so cute and just starting to really jump around.  Come play on Saturday, April 4. This was the last birth until next August/September and so the herd is settling in with the new little ones. Most of these kids have or will move on to other homesContinue reading “2015 Spring Birthing Season is Complete”

Quack-Quack…Duck Eggs

Spring is here and the ducks are laying.  Fresh duck eggs available to members for trial by the each at 2 for $1.  They can be used just like chicken eggs.  They are more nutrient dense and bigger.  Duck eggs are often preferred over chicken eggs by bakers.  Check out some recipes and thoughts on duckContinue reading “Quack-Quack…Duck Eggs”